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Our first iPhone app is in the app store now! Check it out!

Tell it 2 ‘Em Adding Attitude to Smartphones with Whatever! app


Tell It 2 'Em - Whatever

Our new app to turns your smartphone into a smarta$$ was approved and released in the Apple Appstore, giving users a fun way to use their iPhone to tell others what they’re thinking, all at the flick of the wrist. Whatever!, the first in a series of attitude apps being released, provides a fun and funny way for anyone to respond to stupid questions with funny voices, exceptional sound effects, and beautiful images optimized for the Retina display. When you’re not feeling funny, witty, or cheeky, let your iPhone do the talking.

The lite version is available as an ad supported free download with five fantastic voices for users to test and enjoy, and the pro version is ad-free and comes with 25 voices delivering hilarious renditions of the slang phrase, “Whatever!”  Users can tap a button or use the iPhone’s accelerometer to have the app randomly select a genre and character to play a funny audio clip.  Pro users can purchase an additional 25pack of voices in-app, so extra insults are just a quick download away.

When a sarcastic response is required, the user need only shake the phone as they’re aiming it at the person asking the question, and let the iPhone say what needs to be said.  Voices include a selection of male, female, or character voices, all saying “Whatever” in one form or another. With an easy to use interface, users can lock in their favorite voice or saying to use when needed, and each voice can even be emailed to your friend.  Twitter and Facebook updates will be in future iterations.

Exceptional graphics, hilarious voices, and an easy to understand user experience, Tell it 2 ‘em’s Whatever! is sure to be a big hit with teens and young adults, and those who are still young at heart.

Watch for additional attitude apps from Tell it 2 ‘em, with even more sarcasm, hilarity, attitude and slang that’s been skewed for more funny!

For more info go to the Tell It 2 ‘Em website!