Chief Blond


The creative and entrepreneurial power behind Beyond Blond Design Group is Michelle Justice, an accomplished design professional and business leader with more than 15 years of professional experience and a portfolio that boasts stellar work for the likes of Coca-Cola, Time-Life, Reader’s Digest, Paramount Pictures, Warehouse Music, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Revolution Eyewear and many others.

Gifted with creativity and motivated by an insatiable appetite for learning, as a child, Michelle spent hours of her formidable years drawing, doing crafts and reading “how-to” books that she checked out from the library that was right behind her family’s house in Santa Monica. An authentic “California girl,” she graduated from Santa Monica High School, where she developed a passion for photography after taking her first class in the subject and continued through upper level courses and became an advanced lab tech at the school. Upon graduation, she enrolled at SMC (Santa Monica College) and went on to earn an Associates degree in business with a curriculum that included business courses, graphic & interior design and print technology classes. It was at SMC where Michelle met the first of two important mentors of her career, and where she eventually taught upper-level courses in digital pre-press and Adobe Photoshop as a member of the schools’ adjunct faculty. Ms. Justice transferred to the University of Southern California and two years later, earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, all while paying her own way through college.

Michelle inherited the best-of-the-best from her parents — strong business orientation and ambition from her father (President of a regional bank) and a rare zest for life from her mother (a stunning woman, amazing homemaker and first-generation transplant from Germany). Her parents also endowed Michelle with as many opportunities as possible to cultivate her talents and pursue her interests. Today, Michelle’s vast array of hobbies and activities range from cooking, gardening (cultivating heirloom tomatoes is a favorite), worldwide travel and cinema — to computers (she knows how to take a byte out of a Macintosh), digital art (a Photoshop diva), photography, interior design (she designs her own furniture for her home and office) and sports (softball player, basketball and baseball fan, fisherwoman, Western-style horseback rider, skilled billiardist, deadeye shooter and self-taught juggler).

The inspiration behind the identity Beyond Blond comes from Ms. Justice’s passion for all things Marilyn Monroe — a serious endeavor spanning 20+ years of historical research, collections and involvement in public relations activities centering on the icon. In 1990, Ms. Justice co-founded All About Marilyn, an organization that grew to an international membership of over 1,000 people (all before the internet). Rather than a fan club, the group combined historical fact-finding with community relations on behalf of its namesake. Michelle has been thanked by numerous authors for her contributions to books on MM, and has orchestrated and emcee’ed events spanning from the re-dedication of Marilyn’s star on Hollywood Boulevard to the 1992 gala at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, sponsored by Mayor Johnny Grant to commemorate the 30-year anniversary of Monroe’s death.

Like the famed actress, Michelle Justice is a dynamic blond with exceptional talents, an unforgettable personality and vast professional accomplishments. By excelling in ability and performance, she parleyed a temp job as a catalog designer into a seat on the executive committee (COO and Executive Vice President) of Delta Entertainment Corporation.

With superior creative talents, an impressive portfolio and full rolodex of industry contacts, Michelle Justice and the members of Beyond Blond Graphic Design are your best partners in your next creative design and innovative marketing project. Ms. Justice is also available for public speaking engagements (on topics ranging from trend watching, positioning and packaging, to Marilyn Monroe as one of the world’s greatest brand developers), consulting and training engagements, interim executive gigs, and opportunities to join the corporate leadership team of an exciting company.

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