“Michelle is always a pleasure to work with. Her design skills were meticulous.
She’s a true professional who gives 101% to every project we work on together. She
has an incredibly strong work ethic. I truly valued our working relationship and I
strongly recommend Michelle.”
—John Alexander, Senior Music Editor, Reader’s Digest

“Michelle has a keen creative eye and in addition she has an excellent understanding
of the printing/manufacturing process. She is an idea person. She is always
thinking of new ways to make products “jump” off the shelf. It is pleasure to work
with her.”
—John Matich, Account Executive, Shorewood Packaging

“Michelle has been exemplary in helping us open new American markets by designing
appropriate artwork for our products to appeal to what was a new market for
our facility. She has played a significant role in helping us establish long-term
relationships with new clients whose income and profitability to our operation far,
far exceeds the charges to us.
—Liam Dale, Executive Producer, LDTV.co.uk

“Michelle is one of the most focused, innovative and creative people I know. Her
ideas and management skills go above and beyond the average competitor. She is
always a pleasure to work with and never fails to make a great impression.”
— Gina Borys, Principal, Jamhouse Design

“When I arrived at Revolution, Michelle had already been a consultant for many
years. She created designs and catalogs for us as well as logos for product. I really
enjoyed working with her. She was ALWAYS available when you needed her.
ALWAYS..no matter what. Very personable yet,very professional. I always want to
work on any project with her. When crucial deadlines were upon us I was always
able to count on Michelle to deliver.”
—Patrick Morgigno, Revolution Eyewear

“Michelle is a consummate creative professional. She has both the technical knowledge
and innovative design skills to pull off any project she is given. If you’re
looking for a master of Photoshop, look no further!”
—Lou Martinez, Professor, Santa Monica College

“Michelle is a consistent high-level performer with an eye for detail and superb
follow up skills. In working together on a wide variety of projects, the level of
design, creativity and final product executed by Michelle is superb. I look forward
to working together again on future projects.”
—George Fiscus, Managing Partner, F&M Merchant Group

“Michelle is an amazing leader and motivator, she leads and manages people very
effectively, inspiring teamwork, engendering loyalty and most importantly fostering
creativity. Her amazing blend of creativity and business, as well as unrelenting
hard work, is vital in today’s business world”
—Stephanie Pool, Sales & Digital Media, Delta Entertainment

“Michelle’s talents go way beyond encouraging, leading and supporting others.
She is a true visionary. She is an amazing artist, with a very extensive technical
knowledge and excellent people skills. I cannot recommend anyone more highly!”
—Lynn Stevenson, Producer, Kintenic Pictures

“Michelle is an incredible leader. She encourages, supports, and promotes her
teammates and truly makes the workplace a fun and creative environment that
fosters talent. I cannot recommend her more highly.”
—Merrin Marra, DVD Author and Designer/Video Editor

“Michelle is a great asset to any company. She juggles so many projects, I don’t
know how she does it all but she does them all well. She has a very creative mind,
which shows in the design work she does. She is an excellent boss, I can’t say
enough about her.”
—Anne Wettig, Production Administrator, Delta Entertainment

“Michelle is very knowledgeable, experienced, and always ready to answer questions
fully. These attributes along with her desire to be the very best she can be,
insure that the work she does is of the highest quality. Michelle comes with my
highest recommendation!”
—Faby Vanyo, Web Developer, Full Moon Interactive